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© Saul Chaikin

The town of Alviso is at the bottom right of the pic above. Go there for taquitos. Somewhere further to the right and out into the marsh is the former town of Drawbridge.The red areas in the distance on the right are the Cargill Salt Ponds. About 16,000 acres of salt ponds around the Bay are slated for restoration to marshlands - a very large, long-term, and surprisingly complicated project.
This is two walks.
The first is almost entirely urban. I took the Transbay to SF and started walking south down 3rd St. I didn't bother to carry water or food. Lots of gas stations and fast food joints. Just south of the Hunter's Point neighborhood, there is a street that's not on any of the maps - Lois Lane.

From there I had a very pleasant walk along Tunnel Road - surprisingly remote for being so close to the city. After that I followed Bayshore Blvd, and then crossed 101 to go right by the SF airport. I'm sure security was checking me out.

Finally went down San Mateo Blvd, and then Camino Real to the San Carlos Caltrain station. Took Caltrain back to the city, then Muni #10 to the Transbay to get home.

Somewhere along this walk, I changed my gait. Instead of using the muscles of the upper legs to move my legs forward, I started pivoting my hips so that my legs would naturally swing forward. This saved me a lot of muscle.

Distance = 25.0 miles. Cumulative = 91.5 miles or 51% around the Bay. I am half done!
For the 2nd walk, I took the local bus to BART to Fremont, then another bus to Dixon Landing in Milpitas.

Beside the Bay Trail, just north of the McCarthy Ranch Shopping Center, there are some extraordinary personal vegetable gardens. By far the nicest I've ever seen. Enough to take me back on a day hike the next day just to look them over more carefully.

The whole system of bayland trails from there to Palo Alto seems vacant. If you want solitude, go there.
I would be very happy to see the Bay Trail extended through Moffett Field.

At San Carlos, I took Caltrain, then Muni #10, then the Transbay. Distance = 27.0 miles. Cumulative = 118.5 miles or 2/3 around the Bay. The entire outing took 15.5 hours - 5 were for public transit to and from the field.
I write this as if I walked 25 and 27 miles, and la-de-dah. I know people run these kinds of distances. I am impressed. These walks left me hobbling. I felt OK a day later - a bit stiff, but not too bad.

Beatrice F. Howitt © California Academy of Sciences