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By now the love of my life was taking an interest and asked if she could walk part of this thing with me. I picked the span from Marin City back to Fisherman's Wharf because it's pleasant and about 10 miles.

On 8-6-05, we caught the AC Transit Transbay bus to SF, and Golden Gate Transit #70 to Marin City. We walked back through Sausalito, down to the Bay Area Discovery Museum, under the Bridge and back up a road on the west side, then crossed under the bridge again to get to the lookout area. From there we could walk across the bridge and down to Crissy Field and back toward Fisherman's Wharf. We stopped for burger and took the Muni #10 back to the Transbay for the ride to Oakland. 10.5 miles. Total = 46.
I have been building strength. I started at 6.5 miles, went to 12, then 14, then back to 10.5. By now I was ready for business. I ditched my daypack, and I started using a map-sized purse to carry various articles.
Next, I walked from Marin City north to Ignacio. Ignacio is just south of Novato at the Junction of Hwy 101 and 37. Measures from my Bay Trail map put the distance at about 18.5 miles.

On 8-13-05, I took the Transbay to SF and switched to the Golden Gate #70 to get back to Marin City. Man! It was cold there and I didn't carry a sweater. I almost picked out a sweatshirt at the drug store, but decided that, once I got going, things would warm up - and they did.

This walk started out along the Bay Trail running along Richardson Bay. A nice walk, but very busy with cyclists. Worked my way over a hill just west of 101 and came down by Corte Madera Town Center. As I approached Corte Madera Creek, near the Larkspur Ferry, all my maps failed. The pedestrian bridge was closed. It had a sign saying that it would be closed until early 2005, and someone had painted a big question mark next to that statement. Had to backtrack and find a crossing on the other side of 101.

At this point, I should have followed the Bay Trail east along Francis Drake Blvd, but I wanted to cut out a couple of miles by crossing the Greenbrae Hills west of 101. The intersection was a pedestrian nightmare - Drake and 101 - couldn't find a sidewalk.

After crossing the hills, I dropped down into the industrial southside of San Rafael and had a pleasant meal at a Mexican cafe that caters to workers in the area. Then I headed straight up Lincoln Ave until after Lucas Valley Rd where I could angle to the right to get on a hike and bike trail.

Just south of where 37 ties into 101, I caught the Golden Gate #70 back to the Transbay to get back home. Felt sort of stiff the next day and took a ruler to a more detailed map. It was 20.5 miles, not 18.5. Cumulative 66.5 miles. 37% around SF Bay.

Photo courtesy of Neil Mishalov: