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I love you daddy.
Thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement. We're very gratified at the response that Greening the Bay has received in the press and from opinion leaders, and we'll be working hard to implement its recommendations (over) the next several years, with the continuing support of Save The Bay members like you. Your walk has given you especially great "standing" to articulate how important Bay restoration is. -- David Lewis, Executive Director, Save The Bay.
Congratulations on your stick-to-itiveness and getting it done. My book "Go Thou Across The Land" will be released in early October. Keep the Spirit --- Bob Scheidt
Thanks for your note and best of luck on the big walk - Will Cross


Your adventures are more than what 99.99% of the people could undertake. Of course, there will always be people who can do more than what you can do, but that shouldn't stop you or anyone else from doing their own thing. I walked the Ridge Trail in 30 or so days but, a few years ago, I talked a couple of my ultra runner friends into running it and they ran the entire route in about 13 days! -- Dinesh Desai who, in 1999 with Bob Cowell, walked the Bay Ridge Trail around San Francisco Bay:

The Hike for the Ridge Trail

Good job Rayo - Don Lundell who, with Gillian Robinson, ran the Bay Ridge Trail in 13 days (500 miles)
My project was to try to criss-cross the interface between urban and rural several times rather then just walking the shoreline or just walking the ridge trail ... I walked along highway 37. Like you I was stopped ... It's a shame there is not a bike path there. It would be a beautiful place to walk or ride. -- J.H. who, in October 2002, walked 300 miles around San Francisco Bay over a 30 day period.
What you're doing is too terrific. Keep up the great work, and never stop walking! All the best, Dean Karnazes
Congrats on your journey! It was great to read your website. Wanted to let you know that things are finally progressing in the North Bay and, while the Petaluma Bridge is and will continue to be a significant obstatacle for the near future, 1.6 miles of trail are nearly complete at the Sonoma Baylands project directly adjacent to the Port Sonoma Marina. -- Bay Trail Planner, Association of Bay Area Governments

Congrats! Thanks for the blog, and I liked the brush with the PTHPO! Well done for getting it done ... a good achievement! -- PeskyBrit (RIP - we miss you)

Dude! -- Stache

IDIOT! ... all of the stress you are putting on your feet, legs and hips. It really isn't worth it. Definitly (sic) shouldn't be encouraging others.
... I'm impressed with your undertakings! ... you might be interested in linking to Greenbelt Alliance, ... people who are working to protect land around the Bay, create trails, and enable people to walk, just as you have -- so that places are built for people, not just for cars. That helps people do errands easily, get to know where they live, and get to know each other. Your effort was larger scale, of course, but it's a real inspiration to people to get out and walk -- and we want to help make it possible to do that! -- Elizabeth, Greenbelt Alliance
Very impressive Rayo! - woodswoman
Walking with your son on the bay trails what a confidence builder for anyone, especially a young person coping with today's school system and challenges. Smart way to move, interesting inspirational history, with lots of wisdom contained for anyone seeking to improve their physical condition, health and well being and nurturing of our children in a most positive manner.
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You rock, Rayo - Brah

Good luck with your walk! -- Jane


Too much time on your hands?? - socalguyyyyy

That's cool. I will (I hope) be able to: walk without pain or a limp and plan to do some long walks if I am able. I have had a painful limp for 33 years, and am getting a new hip in 6 weeks. I want to walk across Ireland or Spain, and walk to work every day, and walk the dog, and walk around the mall, and do all the other walks I haven't been able to do. Sf bay area has all these great regional parks, and I've never been further than the parking lot -- future-x-gimp

Great site and what a fun thing to do. I spent a few years in the Bay area back in the late 60s. Sold my car and walked just because I could. Brought back good memories -- HCH

Congratulations on completing the ambulatory circumnavigation.  -- Peter

Congratulations! That's quite an achievement. I have a few friends who recently rode their bicycle around the bay in the "The Bay In A Day" ride... I didn't do it, but would like to try one day. I've done some endurance cycling, so... maybe some day. Great job... and nice website too! -- Raul

Thanks for sharing your adventure. I really enjoyed reading more about your routes, your walks, and even some of the woes... from blisters to the Petaluma River Bridge (yikes!).  -- Cathy

Congratulations! Over the last year, I've talked to friends about the possibility of doing this, but never "walked the walk." Glad to hear somebody else did. I think you're right... this could become a craze. -- Jerry

This is so cool! Well, its more than cool, its really very special. Its also so compelling that you took public transportation to all of the walk sites. That adds an epic quality to the voyage that is almost Homerian. -- Robin

We join in the high-fives and other recognition of Rayo's outstanding feat and the cause he supports. Well done. -- Mom & Dad

Cool website! Now you need to attach digital video to your visor and put it on your site as a web cam! -- MF

FLAGGED!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - <->
Keep on truckin' -- Flashinthepan
... maybe you could get Google Earth to sponsor you - Susan
That's Great! You motivate me to go to the gym today - Sandra
... Spiderman-esque navigation of interstates, overpasses -- veloace
Rayo should be awarded some kind of honorary title -- relhak
We'll call the route "El Camino Rayo"! -- MetriRN

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