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11-24-07: Walked 13 miles from Modesto Amtrak station to Denair Amtrak Station. I should have waited longer between walks. Aggravated a blister.

12-15-07: 24 miles from Denair to Merced.

Merced River near town of Cressey.

Air Museum at Castle Air Base.
2-18-08: 23.5 miles from Merced Amtrak to Chowchilla. The next morning I took County Transit to Madera, and Amtrak to my car.
A group of Native Americans is walking from San Francisco to Washington. When I read that they planned to walk straight down Hwy 99, I wrote them, noted the legal difficulties with walking on 99, and shared my route from Modesto to Fresno. They seem to have adopted my proposed route. We were walking along stretch from Merced to Chowchilla on the same day, but I didn't see them until they passed my bus stop the next morning. Longest Walk 2
3-14-0818 miles from Chowchilla to Madera.

Almond Grove