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            11-17-07: Walked 27 miles from intersection of I-580 and Corral Hollow Rd to Modesto.

            11-18-07: Walked 6.5 miles from downtown Modesto east to Amtrak station.

Dawn on the California Aqueduct

The California Aqueduct Bicycle Trail is not well known and there is little info on the net. Some parts are accessible. Some are not. And I can't find a map to tell me which is which. I recommend using the eastern side.

The paved bike trail/road is by the water, but the higher levee is not paved. There are abundant opportunities for a stealth camper.

I preferred walking up high on the levee.

 This guy flew by to check me out.

Kudos to the Bicycle Planning Team at the Department of Highways. I innocently asked them if it is legal for me to walk along highway 132 from the aqueduct to Modesto. I didn't realize I was pushing the envelope in terms of available mapping and databases (I'll come back later and explain this situation more thoroughly). A district staff person actually drove the route and reported that there is no signage to bar my passage.

To get from the aqueduct to 132, I had to squeeze through a fence and climb down the hill.

 The San Joaquin River a bit downstream from the confluence with the Tuolumne. 

This appears to be a large national wildlife refuge. I saw no evidence of public access in terms of trails, but worth further exploration. Here are some more pics.

Giant clump of wild roses --- here as rose hips.

The Hetch Hechy Aqueduct passes through here. These are not machine gun bunkers.

This bad boy didn't know I was watching. I don't know my hawks.

My compliments to the guy in the red pickup truck who stopped, turned around, and came back to see if I was OK. You offered me a ride, made sure I had enough water, and gave me some oranges. You said, "It's 3 hours to town," which tells me you know something about a walking.

Actually, it took somewhat longer. The first 18 miles was interesting. The next nine was work.

The shade of the groves helped.

Slept in a hotel in Modesto. The next morning I stumbled out another 6.5 miles east to the Amtrak station for a ride home. 

Morning fog at the Modesto cemetery