My Walk Around San Francisco Bay
Over a 3 year period, I walked around San Francisco Bay, and from that route to 10 Bay Area county summits and to the Central Valley town of Madera.

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Photo by tomniscientia
These walks started when my kids were visiting and we went on a series of day hikes on some of the bay trails. After a few hikes, I realized that we had covered a small percentage of the distance around San Francisco Bay. So I pulled out some maps and measured things and decided that it is feasible to walk entirely around San Francisco Bay.
After walking around San Francisco Bay, I walked from the Bay to the highest point in each of ten Bay Area counties.Those two missions required 39 days in the field, 467 miles, and 52,000 feet of elevation gain.

Me? I'm a guy in my late-50s. Not particularly athletic and maybe 20 pounds overweight. My walk around the bay is partly related to my need for more exercise, and partly to a desire for personal achievement - just to be able to say I did it. Plus, I want to encourage my kids to exercise. It won't do any good to tell them to exercise. I have to walk the walk.
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Personal counter: 723.5 miles. 56,500 feet elevation
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